Tecnostamp  srl   offers  its   customers  a   high   knowledge
and  experience  in   the   production  development  of   small
precise metal parts. 
Tecnostamp is  specialized  in  the  design  and  manufacture
of  precise  progressive  dies  needed  for  the  cold  working 
of  metal  sheet iron,  steel,  brass, copper  and  other  types
of materials. 
Making  use  of  integrated  CAD/CAM  it  is  able  to  carry
out the whole process starting from  the idea of the  product
to its development.
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Tecnostamp takes  in  charge  the  entire project 
with the trust and the  support of  its  technician
and  a  large  network  of   partners   with  whom 
it  has  established  over  the  years  very  good 
and  significant contacts.
The experience  allows  Tecnostamp to produce 
"  customer   design  "  products  as  well  as 
setting out significant changes or modifications
on existing products offering and introducing
new solutions.